Medical diagnostic laboratory LINA Ltd. founded its first laboratory in Burgas in 1999. Due to the rapid, high quality and correct services, provided to patients, it managed to establish itself in the Black Sea town and the region in a short time. Today MDL LINA has branches in the towns of Burgas, Pomorie, Nessebar, Sozopol, Karnobat, Aytos, Ruen, Tsarevo, Sredets and Sungurlare. The laboratory serves hospitals, dispensaries, medical centres and it offers “home visit” as an extra service. The participation of LINA in the external laboratory control system ensures constant communication with the Clinical laboratory departments of the Medical universities in the country, and the developed and maintained information system provides automation of the diagnostic process and an ongoing bilateral relation between the registry and the laboratory equipment.

Medical diagnostic laboratory LINA provides a unique identification code for each sample and patient at the time of registration, which reduces the probability of errors to an absolute minimum. To completely cover the requirements for maximum accuracy of the results and in order to keep its leading position in this field, MDL LINA Ltd. put into operation the integrated Cobas 6000 SWA system, a product of the world renowned company Roche Diagnostics Deutschland GmbH.  Focused on higher quality and elimination of errors in the pre-analytical stage, MDL LINA implemented a process for tracking and individualization of each biological material through a unique barcode label for each sample. This ensures the traceability of the material – from its sampling, through its processing and submitting as a finished result. 

MDL LINA is a licensed medical centre. It works under a contract with the National Health Insurance Fund (NHFI) and it:

  • Provides results every day
  • Performs daily internal control
  • Participates regularly in the National system for external laboratory control
  • Uses internationally recognized laboratory methods and equipment