Diagnostic Packages
Full blood and urine tests package 38 Full blood and urine tests package 38.00лв.
Full blood and urine tests package – advanced – Women 45 Full blood and urine tests package – advanced – Women 45.00лв.
Full blood and urine tests package – advanced – Men 45 Full blood and urine tests package – advanced – Men 45.00лв.
Standard blood and urine tests package 15 Standard blood and urine tests package 15.00лв.
Thyroid tests package 40 Thyroid tests package 40.00лв.
Thyroid tests package – advanced 48 Thyroid tests package – advanced 48.00лв.
Female sex hormones package 54 Female sex hormones package 54.00лв.
Female sex hormones package – advances 62 Female sex hormones package – advances 62.00лв.
Sexually transmitted infections package 60 Sexually transmitted infections package 60.00лв.
Heart function package 30 Heart function package 30.00лв.
Renal function package 9 Renal function package 9.00лв.
Renal function package – advanced 28 Renal function package – advanced 28.00лв.
Liver function package 14 Liver function package 14.00лв.
Liver function package – advanced 30 Liver function package – advanced 30.00лв.
Liver – Hepatitis package 62 Liver – Hepatitis package 62.00лв.
Lipid metabolism package 9 Lipid metabolism package 9.00лв.
Hypertension package 25 Hypertension package 25.00лв.
Electrolytes package 17 Electrolytes package 17.00лв.
Metabolic screening package 19 Metabolic screening package 19.00лв.
Diabetes control package 30 Diabetes control package 30.00лв.
Diabetes control package – advanced 33 Diabetes control package – advanced 33.00лв.
Insulin profile package – threefold 38 Insulin profile package – threefold 38.00лв.
Cortisol profile package 26 Cortisol profile package 26.00лв.
Anemia package 30 Anemia package 30.00лв.
Anemia package 73 Anemia package 73.00лв.
Preoperative minimum package 25 Preoperative minimum package 25.00лв.
Osteoporosis package 27 Osteoporosis package 27.00лв.
Osteoporosis package – advanced 52 Osteoporosis package – advanced 52.00лв.
Pregnancy package – first registration 43 Pregnancy package – first registration 43.00лв.
Pregnancy tracking package 14 Pregnancy tracking package 14.00лв.
Pregnancy consultation package 34 Pregnancy consultation package 34.00лв.
Pregnancy package – advanced 104 Pregnancy package – advanced 104.00лв.
Pregnancy termination package 12 Pregnancy termination package 12.00лв.
Mononucleosis package 25 Mononucleosis package 25.00лв.
Fitness start package 13 Fitness start package 13.00лв.
Fitness Start package – advanced 58 Fitness Start package – advanced 58.00лв.
Kindergarten diagnostic tests (full package) 26 Kindergarten diagnostic tests (full package) 26.00лв.
Kindergarten diagnostic tests (basic package) 16 Kindergarten diagnostic tests (basic package) 16.00лв.
Veterinary diagnostic package 13 Veterinary diagnostic package 13.00лв.
Hematology Diagnostics
Complete blood count (CBC) – 18 indicators 4 Complete blood count (CBC) – 18 indicators 4.00лв.
Complete blood count (CBC) – 20 indicators, differential count 7 Complete blood count (CBC) – 20 indicators, differential count (blood testing) 7.00лв.
ESR test (Westgreen) 2 ESR test (Westgreen) 2.00лв.
Reticulocytes count 5 Reticulocytes count 5.00лв.
Leukocytes count 3 Leukocytes count (differential blood count) 3.00лв.
Morphology of erythrocytes 3 Morphology of erythrocytes 3.00лв.
Hemoglobin Fractionation 20 Hemoglobin Fractionation (hemoglobin electrophoresis) 20.00лв.
Ferritin test 20 Ferritin test 20.00лв.
Folic Acid test 20 Folic Acid test 20.00лв.
Vitamin B12 test 20 Vitamin B12 test 20.00лв.
Vitamin D test 25 Vitamin D test 25.00лв.
G6PD test 18 G6PD test 18.00лв.
Coagulation and Fibrinolysis
Bleeding time test 1 Bleeding time test 1.00лв.
Clotting time test 1 Clotting time test 1.00лв.
Fibrinogen blood test 4 Fibrinogen blood test 4.00лв.
Prothrombin time test 4 Prothrombin time test 4.00лв.
APTT test BGN 4 APTT test BGN 4.00лв.
D-dimer test 20 D-dimer test 20.00лв.
Protein C (PrC) test 38 Protein C (PrC) test 38.00лв.
Protein S (PrS) test 44 Protein S (PrS) test 44.00лв.
Antithrombin III test 32 Antithrombin III test 32.00лв.
Predisposition to thrombosis (thrombophilia) test 127 Predisposition to thrombosis (thrombophilia) test 127.00лв.
Biochemical Diagnostics
Glucose test 1.5 Glucose test 1.50лв.
Blood sugar profile test 4.5 Blood sugar profile test 4.50лв.
Oral glucose tolerance test 4.5 Oral glucose tolerance test 4.50лв.
Urea test 2 Urea test 2.00лв.
Creatinine test 2 Creatinine test 2.00лв.
Uric acid test 2 Uric acid test 2.00лв.
Cholesterol test 2 Cholesterol test 2.00лв.
HDL cholesterol test 3 HDL cholesterol test 3.00лв.
LDL cholesterol test 3 LDL cholesterol test 3.00лв.
VLDL cholesterol test 1 VLDL cholesterol test 1.00лв.
Triglycerides test 3 Triglycerides test 3.00лв.
Total protein test 2 Total protein test 2.00лв.
Albumin test 2 Albumin test 2.00лв.
Protein Electrophoresis Serum Test  20 Protein Electrophoresis Serum Test  20.00лв.
Bilirubin test – general 2 Bilirubin test – general (BILL-T) 2.00лв.
Bilirubin test – direct 2 Bilirubin test – direct (BILL-D) 2.00лв.
Bilirubin test – indirect 1 Bilirubin test – indirect 1.00лв.
AST test 3 AST test 3.00лв.
ALT test 3 ALT test ALT test 3.00лв.
Alkaline phosphatase level test 3 Alkaline phosphatase level test 3.00лв.
Gamma-glutamyl transferase test (GGT) 3 Gamma-glutamyl transferase test (GGT) 3.00лв.
A-amylase test 4 A-amylase test (AMYL) 4.00лв.
Lipase test 5 Lipase test 5.00лв.
Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH) test 4 Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH) test 4.00лв.
HBDH Test 6 HBDH Test (HBDH) 6.00лв.
Creatine Kinase (CK) test 4 Creatine Kinase (CK) test 4.00лв.
CK-MB fraction test 15 CK-MB fraction test 15.00лв.
Cholinesterase test 8 Cholinesterase test 8.00лв.
Cystatin C test 28 Cystatin C test 28.00лв.
Transferrin test 16 Transferrin test 16.00лв.
Cardiac Markers
Troponin I test 25 Troponin I test 25.00лв.
Troponin T hs test 22 Troponin T hs test 22.00лв.
NT-pro BNP test 40 NT-pro BNP test 40.00лв.
Homocysteine test 39 Homocysteine test 39.00лв.
Renin blood test 38 Renin blood test 38.00лв.
Trace Elements and Electrolytes
Potassium (K) test 4 Potassium (K) test 4.00лв.
Sodium (Na) 4 Sodium (Na) 4.00лв.
Chloride (Cl) test 4 Chloride (Cl) test 4.00лв.
Calcium (Ca) test 4 Calcium (Ca) test 4.00лв.
Ionized calcium (Ca++) test 6 Ionized calcium (Ca++) test 6.00лв.
ron (Fe) test 4 ron (Fe) test 4.00лв.
Total Iron-binding capacity test 6 Total Iron-binding capacity test 6.00лв.
Phosphorus (P) test 4 Phosphorus (P) test 4.00лв.
Magnesium (Mg) test 4 Magnesium (Mg) test 4.00лв.
Magnesium (Mg) test 25 Magnesium (Mg) test 25.00лв.
Virology Diagnostics
HIV/AIDS test 20 HIV/AIDS test 20.00лв.
HBsAg test 12 HBsAg test (авствалийски антиген) 12.00лв.
HBV - DNA test 155 HBV - DNA test 155.00лв.
Anti-HBs test 17 Anti-HBs test 17.00лв.
Anti-HBc IgM test 20 Anti-HBc IgM test 20.00лв.
Anti-HBc total test 20 Anti-HBc total test 20.00лв.
HBeAg test 17 HBeAg test 17.00лв.
Anti-HBeAg test 17 Anti-HBeAg test 17.00лв.
Anti-HCV test 15 Anti-HCV test 15.00лв.
Anti-HAV IgM test 17 Anti-HAV IgM test 17.00лв.
Hepatitis A virus /HAV/ test 20 Hepatitis A virus /HAV/ test (anti-HAV total) 20.00лв.
Anti-HDV-IgM test 20 Anti-HDV-IgM test 20.00лв.
Anti-HDV total test 20 Anti-HDV total test 20.00лв.
Anti-HEV IgM/IgG test 27 Anti-HEV IgM/IgG test 27.00лв.
Rubella IgM test 17 Rubella IgM test 17.00лв.
Rubella IgG test 17 Rubella IgG test 17.00лв.
CMV IgM test 17 CMV IgM test 17.00лв.
CMV IgG test 17 CMV IgG test 17.00лв.
EBV VCA IgM test 12 EBV VCA IgM test 12.00лв.
EBV IgM test 12 EBV IgM test 12.00лв.
Varicella VZV IgG test 27 Varicella VZV IgG test 27.00лв.
VZV IgM /Varicella/ test 27 VZV IgM /Varicella/ test 27.00лв.
HSV1 IgM test 22 HSV1 IgM test 22.00лв.
HSV1 IgG test 22 HSV1 IgG test 22.00лв.
HSV2 IgM test 22 HSV2 IgM test 22.00лв.
HSV2 IgG tes 22 HSV2 IgG tes 22.00лв.
HSV1 IgG test 39 HSV1 IgG test 39.00лв.
Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 IgG and IgM /package/ 39 Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 IgG and IgM /package/ 39.00лв.
Chlamydia IgM test 14 Chlamydia IgM test 14.00лв.
Chlamydia IgG test 14 Chlamydia IgG test 14.00лв.
Chlamydia IgA test 14 Chlamydia IgA test 14.00лв.
Chlamidia Pneumoniae IgM test 35 Chlamidia Pneumoniae IgM test 35.00лв.
Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgM test 25 Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgM test 25.00лв.
Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgG test 35 Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgG test 35.00лв.
Chlamydia endocervical test 14 Chlamydia endocervical test 14.00лв.
Urethral secretion test – direct 14 Urethral secretion test – direct 14.00лв.
Influenza test 20 Influenza test 20.00лв.
Rotavirus test 14 Rotavirus test 14.00лв.
Viral gastroenteritis test 27 Viral gastroenteritis test 27.00лв.
Hormone Diagnostics
FT3 test 12 FT3 test 12.00лв.
FT4 test 12 FT4 test 12.00лв.
TSH test 12 TSH test 12.00лв.
Anti - Tg test 14 Anti - Tg test 14.00лв.
Anti - TPO test 14 Anti - TPO test 14.00лв.
TSHR - AB test 32 TSHR - AB test 32.00лв.
LH test 14 LH test 14.00лв.
FSH test 14 FSH test 14.00лв.
Progesterone test 14 Progesterone test 14.00лв.
Testosterone test 14 Testosterone test 14.00лв.
Estradiol test 14 Estradiol test 14.00лв.
Prolactin test 14 Prolactin test 14.00лв.
DHEA/S test 17 DHEA/S test 17.00лв.
Anti Mullerian hormone test 43 Anti Mullerian hormone test 43.00лв.
Inhibin B test 47 Inhibin B test 47.00лв.
4-Androstenedione test 18 4-Androstenedione test 18.00лв.
17 OHP test 25 17 OHP test (17- Hydroxyprogesterone) 25.00лв.
SHBG test 18 SHBG test 18.00лв.
Cortisol AM test 16 Cortisol AM test 16.00лв.
Cortisol PM test 16 Cortisol PM test 16.00лв.
ACTH test 30 ACTH test 30.00лв.
PTH test 17 PTH test 17.00лв.
hGH (STH – growth hormone) test 18 hGH (STH – growth hormone) test 18.00лв.
Procalcitonin (PCT) test 35 Procalcitonin (PCT) test 35.00лв.
Tumor Markers Tests
CEA test 17 CEA test (carcinoembryonic antigen) 17.00лв.
Total PSA test 17 Total PSA test (total prostate-specific antigen) 17.00лв.
Free PSA test 17 Free PSA test (free prostate-specific antigen) 17.00лв.
СА 125 test 17 СА 125 test 17.00лв.
SCC test 23 SCC test (squamous cell carcinoma antigen) 23.00лв.
CA 15-3 test 17 CA 15-3 test 17.00лв.
CA-72-4 test 20 CA-72-4 test 20.00лв.
CA-19-9 test 17 CA-19-9 test 17.00лв.
AFP test 17 AFP test 17.00лв.
HCG test 17 HCG test (Human chorionic gonadotropin) 17.00лв.
HTG test 24 HTG test (thyroglobulin) 24.00лв.
Calcitonin test 35 Calcitonin test 35.00лв.
b2 Microglobulin test 24 b2 Microglobulin test 24.00лв.
NSЕ - Neuron specific enolasе 22 NSЕ - Neuron specific enolasе 22.00лв.
CYFRA 21-1 test 22 CYFRA 21-1 test 22.00лв.
M2-PK test 70 M2-PK test (pyruvate kinase isoenzyme type M2) 70.00лв.
HE4 test 65 HE4 test (Human epididimal protein 4) 65.00лв.
ROMA test 78 ROMA test (risk of ovarian malignancy algorithm) 78.00лв.
Diabetes Tests
HbA1c (Glycosylated hemoglobin) test 14 HbA1c (Glycosylated hemoglobin) test 14.00лв.
IRI (Insulin) test 18 IRI (Insulin) test 18.00лв.
C-Peptide test 20 C-Peptide test 20.00лв.
Microalbumin test 12 Microalbumin test 12.00лв.
HOMA - IR Insulin resistance 23 HOMA - IR Insulin resistance 23.00лв.
Immunology Diagnostics
CRP test 6 CRP test (C-reactive protein) 6.00лв.
Hs-CRP test 18 Hs-CRP test 18.00лв.
ASO test 6 ASO test 6.00лв.
Rheumatoid factor (RF) test 6 Rheumatoid factor (RF) test 6.00лв.
IgG test 8 IgG test 8.00лв.
IgA test 8 IgA test 8.00лв.
IgM test 8 IgM test 8.00лв.
Complement component 3 (C3) test 8 Complement component 3 (C3) test (serum complement) 8.00лв.
Complement component 4 (C4) test 8 Complement component 4 (C4) test (serum complement) 8.00лв.
Anti-CCP test 25 Anti-CCP test 25.00лв.
Cryoglobulins test 15 Cryoglobulins test 15.00лв.
ANA Detect test 25 ANA Detect test 25.00лв.
ANA profile test 100 ANA profile test 100.00лв.
dsDNA test 20 dsDNA test 20.00лв.
RNP test 20 RNP test 20.00лв.
SS-A/Ro test 20 SS-A/Ro test 20.00лв.
SS-B/La test 39 SS-B/La test 39.00лв.
Scl-70 test 20 Scl-70 test 20.00лв.
CENP test 20 CENP test 20.00лв.
Jo – 1 test 20 Jo – 1 test 20.00лв.
рANCA test 30 рANCA test (anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies) 30.00лв.
Antimitochondrial Antibody test 30 Antimitochondrial Antibody test (АМА) 30.00лв.
Anti-Smooth Muscle Antibody test 33 Anti-Smooth Muscle Antibody test 33.00лв.
Natural killer (NK) cells testing 85 Natural killer (NK) cells testing 85.00лв.
Osteoporosis Markers
Beta - CrossLaps test 17 Beta - CrossLaps test 17.00лв.
Osteocalcin test 17 Osteocalcin test 17.00лв.
Drug Monitoring
Valporic Acid test 20 Valporic Acid test 20.00лв.
Carbamazepine test 20 Carbamazepine test 20.00лв.
Digoxin test 29 Digoxin test 29.00лв.
Allergies Diagnostic Tests
Food intolerance test 180 Food intolerance test 180.00лв.
IgE total test 16 IgE total test 16.00лв.
Phadiatop test 30 Phadiatop test 30.00лв.
FX5E test 25 FX5E test 25.00лв.
FX73 test 25 FX73 test 25.00лв.
EX1 test 25 EX1 test (Allergy to cats, horses, cows, soy, dogs) 25.00лв.
EX71 test 25 EX71 test (Allergy to goose, chicken, duck, turkey feathers) 25.00лв.
TX4 test 25 TX4 test (Allergy to tree pollens) 25.00лв.
GX1 test 25 GX1 test (Allergy to grass pollens) 25.00лв.
F1 test 20 F1 test (Allergy to eggs) 20.00лв.
F2 test 20 F2 test (Allergy to dairy) 20.00лв.
F79 (gluten) test 20 F79 (gluten) test (Allergy to wheat, rye, barley) 20.00лв.
D1 test 20 D1 test (dust mite allergy) 20.00лв.
M5 test 20 M5 test (allergy to Candida albicans) 20.00лв.
ECP test 38 ECP test 38.00лв.
Urine Tests
Urine test 3 Urine test 3.00лв.
Urine pH level test 0.5 Urine pH level test 0.50лв.
Urine specific gravity test 0.5 Urine specific gravity test 0.50лв.
Urine Protein test 0.5 Urine Protein test 0.50лв.
Urine Glucose test 0.5 Urine Glucose test 0.50лв.
Ketones urine test 0.5 Ketones urine test 0.50лв.
Bilirubin urine test 0.5 Bilirubin urine test 0.50лв.
Urine urobilinogen level test 0.5 Urine urobilinogen level test 0.50лв.
Blood in urine test 0.5 Blood in urine test 0.50лв.
Nitrites urine test 0.5 Nitrites urine test 0.50лв.
Sediment in urine test 1 Sediment in urine test 1.00лв.
Sediment in urine test (Webb) 2 Sediment in urine test (Webb) 2.00лв.
Glucose level urine test 4 Glucose level urine test 4.00лв.
Urine glucose profile test 6.5 Urine glucose profile test 6.50лв.
Urine Calcium level test 5 Urine Calcium level test 5.00лв.
Urine Phosphorus level test 5 Urine Phosphorus level test 5.00лв.
Urine Amylase test 5 Urine Amylase test 5.00лв.
Urine protein level test 4 Urine protein level test 4.00лв.
Urine Uric Acid test 4 Urine Uric Acid test 4.00лв.
Creatinine dU test 5 Creatinine dU test 5.00лв.
Endogenous Creatinine clearance test 10 Endogenous Creatinine clearance test 10.00лв.
Urine Albumin/Creatinine ratio test (UACR) 18 Urine Albumin/Creatinine ratio test (UACR) 18.00лв.
Ascorbic acid interference in urine test 1 Ascorbic acid interference in urine test 1.00лв.
DNA Diagnostics
HPV screening test 65 HPV screening test 65.00лв.
DNA – Chlamydia test 35 DNA – Chlamydia test 35.00лв.
DNA HPV detection (Genotyping 6, 11) 50 DNA HPV detection (Genotyping 6, 11) 50.00лв.
DNA HPV detection (Genotyping high-risk types 16, 18) 50 DNA HPV detection (Genotyping high-risk types 16, 18) 50.00лв.
DNA HPV detection (Genotyping 6, 11, 16, 18) 70 DNA HPV detection (Genotyping 6, 11, 16, 18) 70.00лв.
DNA HPV genotyping (high-risk types) 85 DNA HPV genotyping (high-risk types) 85.00лв.
DNA – Chlamydia + IgG test 45 DNA – Chlamydia + IgG test 45.00лв.
DNA – Candida albicans test 35 DNA – Candida albicans test 35.00лв.
DNA - Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Chlamydia test 60 DNA - Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Chlamydia test 60.00лв.
Microbiology Diagnostics
Nasal secretion – MB test 15 Nasal secretion – MB test 15.00лв.
Throat secretion – MB test 15 Throat secretion – MB test 15.00лв.
Antigen Group A Streptococcus test 15 Antigen Group A Streptococcus test 15.00лв.
Sputum culture test 15 Sputum culture test 15.00лв.
Urine culture test 15 Urine culture test 15.00лв.
Semen culture test 15 Semen culture test 15.00лв.
Urethral secretion – MB test 15 Urethral secretion – MB test 15.00лв.
Vaginal secretion – MB test 15 Vaginal secretion – MB test 15.00лв.
Gonorrhoeae test (rapid antigen test for Neisseria gonorrhoeae)  10 Gonorrhoeae test (rapid antigen test for Neisseria gonorrhoeae)  10.00лв.
Faeces and rectal secretion – MB test 15 Faeces and rectal secretion – MB test 15.00лв.
Health booklet tests 15 Health booklet tests 15.00лв.
Clostridium difficile test 30 Clostridium difficile test 30.00лв.
Wound culture and pus microbiological testing 15 Wound culture and pus microbiological testing 15.00лв.
Ear secretion – MB test 15 Ear secretion – MB test 15.00лв.
Eye secretion – MB test 15 Eye secretion – MB test 15.00лв.
Blood culture test 20 Blood culture test 20.00лв.
Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma test 30 Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma test 30.00лв.
1. Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Pathogenes test 45 1. Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Pathogenes test 45.00лв.
Antibiotic Susceptibility advanced test 8 Antibiotic Susceptibility advanced test 8.00лв.
Antifungal susceptibility testing 12 Antifungal susceptibility testing 12.00лв.
Parasitology test 10 Parasitology test 10.00лв.
Toxoplasmosis IgM test 17 Toxoplasmosis IgM test 17.00лв.
Toxoplasmosis IgG test 17 Toxoplasmosis IgG test 17.00лв.
Echinococcosis IgG tes 20 Echinococcosis IgG tes 20.00лв.
Immunohematological Tests
Blood type test 20 Blood type test 20.00лв.
Erythrocyte antibodies (fixed) 10 Erythrocyte antibodies (fixed) 10.00лв.
Evaluation of Anti-A and Anti-B Titer of pregnant women 40 Evaluation of Anti-A and Anti-B Titer of pregnant women 40.00лв.
Weak Rh (D) antigen with Rh (-) negative 35 Weak Rh (D) antigen with Rh (-) negative 35.00лв.
Specificity of erythrocyte antibodies test 40 Specificity of erythrocyte antibodies test 40.00лв.
Blood type, subgroup, Rh (D) antigen 20 Blood type, subgroup, Rh (D) antigen 20.00лв.
Erythrocyte antibodies (cold) 35 Erythrocyte antibodies (cold) 35.00лв.
Consultation with a blood transfusion hematologist 30 Consultation with a blood transfusion hematologist 056/ 919-713 30.00лв.
Erythrocyte allo/auto-antibodies test 50 Erythrocyte allo/auto-antibodies test 50.00лв.
Specificity and titer of erythrocyte antibodies test 60 Specificity and titer of erythrocyte antibodies test 60.00лв.
Blood type, subgroup, Rh phenotype, Kell-antigen test 40 Blood type, subgroup, Rh phenotype, Kell-antigen test 40.00лв.
Drug-induces erythrocyte antibodies test 35 Drug-induces erythrocyte antibodies test 35.00лв.
Allo erythrocyte antibodies test (incl.Rh) 40 Allo erythrocyte antibodies test (incl.Rh) 40.00лв.
C3d/immunoglobulin G (IgG) test 15 C3d/immunoglobulin G (IgG) test 15.00лв.
Subgroups of antigen A (A1 and A2) test 5 Subgroups of antigen A (A1 and A2) test 5.00лв.
Erythrocyte auto-antibodies test 20 Erythrocyte auto-antibodies test 20.00лв.
Titer of erythrocyte antibodies test 35 Titer of erythrocyte antibodies test 35.00лв.
Rh (CcDEe) phenotype and Kell-antigen test 40 Rh (CcDEe) phenotype and Kell-antigen test 40.00лв.
Two-phase hemolysis testing 35 Two-phase hemolysis testing 35.00лв.
Anatomical Pathology Tests
Liquid-based cytology 33 Liquid-based cytology 33.00лв.
Liquid-based cytology + HPV (type 6/11) 73 Liquid-based cytology + HPV (type 6/11) 73.00лв.
Liquid-based cytology + HPV (type 16/18) 73 Liquid-based cytology + HPV (type 16/18) 73.00лв.
Liquid-based cytology + HPV (type 6/11/16/18) 98 Liquid-based cytology + HPV (type 6/11/16/18) 98.00лв.
Liquid-based cytology + HPV (high-risk types – screening) 86 Liquid-based cytology + HPV (high-risk types – screening) 86.00лв.
Liquid-based cytology + HPV (high-risk types – genotyping) 108 Liquid-based cytology + HPV (high-risk types – genotyping) 108.00лв.
Other Diagnostic Tests
Blood gas analysis 18 Blood gas analysis 18.00лв.
Semen analysis 25 Semen analysis 25.00лв.
Home visit and testing 15 Home visit and testing 15.00лв.
Kidney Stones test 18 Kidney Stones test 18.00лв.
Теst results home delivery 5 Теst results home delivery 5.00лв.
Nasal secretion - Eo test 8 Nasal secretion - Eo test 8.00лв.
Urine Drugs test I 13 Urine Drugs test I 13.00лв.
Urine Drugs test II 13 Urine Drugs test II 13.00лв.
Punctate (abdominal, pleural, articular) 18 Punctate (abdominal, pleural, articular) 18.00лв.
Occult blood testing 8 Occult blood testing 8.00лв.